How to Prepare Your House for a Move

couple packing up their home

No matter how large your current home is, whether it is just a one-bedroom home or a large mansion, preparing the home for a move is tedious and it takes lots of planning and organization. If you are already excited about waking up for the first time in your new home, but you dread the preparations for the move, here are a few tips to help you.

De-clutter First

Objects that you have not used in a long time may have a place in your current home, but there is no point moving them to your new location. The first thing to do when you start preparing your home for the move is to go from room to room and to sift through your belongings, separating useful objects from useless clutter. Don’t throw out everything you no longer need – get rid only of the things that are damaged beyond repair, you can offer the rest in a garage sale to make a few bucks of your old items.

Prepare the Tools You Will Need for the Packing

You will need cardboard boxes of various sizes, crates for fragile objects, packing paper for wrapping items, plastic bags for textile things, duct tape and string for closing boxes and bags, pens and labels for marking the boxes and the bags and for indicating their contents and some time and energy.

Pack One Room at a Time

Pack the rooms one at a time and make sure you label everything properly. Identify the items that you will need immediately when you settle in your new home, such as toiletries, towels, medication, important documents, a few clothing items, pack them separately and mark the boxes and bags they are in to know what to unpack first. You can also use color coded labels to make the identification easier when you are at your new place – you can use orange labels for the kitchen, blue for the bathroom, red for the bedroom or any combination that you like. Avoid packing too many heavy items into the same box – large cardboard boxes may look suitable for books, but if you put too many of them in, you will not be able to move the box or, even worse, the box may fall apart and the precious books inside may get severely damaged.

Take Care of the Utilities

The utilities in your house will need to be disconnected or transferred on the name of the new owner in time – you need to have everything sorted out by the day you leave, but not before that day to avoid the discomfort of having to put up not only with the mess inevitably generated by the packing process, but also with the discomfort of having no electricity, gas or television.

Choose the Most Comfortable Storage and Transport

Try to estimate the capacity of the transport or storage unit that you need and make your choice accordingly. You can choose a moving company that uses trucks or you can call portable storage units Denver providers and have a storage container delivered to your home and then picked up by the mover when you are done packing – the choice depends on your needs and your preferences.