The Best Materials for Countertops – Useful Insight on What to Search for

Are you looking for high quality materials for countertops that hold under high pressure and temperature conditions, don’t get burned and don’t fade after years of use? While it’s possible to find a good countertop that embodies all these qualities and many others, it can be a challenge to get one at a good price, and to make sure that installation won’t be a problem.

The following tips and recommendations should help you in that regard, and provide you with some much needed clarity about the types of materials to choose from for your new countertops.

Choosing Your Preferred Countertop Materials

stone countertop

Depending on the amount you can spend on high end materials for countertops, you can potentially keep your counters looking fresh and new for a very long time. The following are among the most practical and fashion-forward materials that are in use today:

  • Engineered quartz is not only a material you can use to take stains, water damage and fire damage out of the picture, but also to avoid maintenance completely and even prevent acid damage.
  • Another stunning natural material you can consider is granite. Unlike quartz, granite doesn’t chip as easily, and it can come in a variety of color options. If you use granite, you’ll notice that heat, cuts and scratches won’t damage it, and it also has a significantly long life span.
  • If you want a less expensive countertop material, consider laminate. Aside from being cheap, it’s also extremely easy to install, and it looks much better than similarly priced materials due to the use of advanced printing technologies that allow for a wider array of designs.
  • As long as you buy inexpensive products, why not consider eco-friendly ones as well? Recycled glass is perfect for both modern and old-school kitchen designs, and most glass counters will easily resist stains, heat and cuts.
  • A wood countertop can give you that gentle, relaxing feel of a countryside cottage kitchen area. It’s great for both indoor and outdoor kitchens, and it can easily be mixed with surfaces like stone, to make for a more diverse kitchen setting.
  • Currently, marble countertops are considered to be the most fashionable. Gray-toned and Calacatta marble is among the most well-regarded countertop designs, and marble will keep giving your kitchen an entirely timeless look even if you want to use it for decades to come.

Do You Have a Busy Kitchen?

A busy kitchen means you don’t always have time to clean up, and your counters might suffer the consequences. Low-quality wood countertops and laminate countertops can be stained or damaged if they’re not properly taken care of. As a result, you have to make sure your countertops are low-maintenance, and that they feature a timeless appearance.

According to Denver countertops experts, marble, granite and quartz are considered to be the best in that regard. Marble, in particular, is a material that doesn’t fade and never seems to get old. Stone is also an excellent option when considering the most rugged and durable materials for countertops, and together with granite, it can greatly contribute to putting together a maintenance-free kitchen.