The Earning Potential for a House Painter in Denver – Factors that Influence Payment

Increase Earning Potential

House painting is typically considered a well-paid trade as construction companies in Colorado can verify, but the earning potential for a house painter in Denver depends on many factors – here are the most important ones.

Regional Differences

According to reliable online resources, the hourly wage for a painter employed full-time (40-hour week) in the northeast is in the mid-range, somewhat lower for Maine and Pennsylvania and higher in New York, while the Midwest region offered lower wages than northeastern states. For painters, the best-paying states are Alaska, Illinois, Hawaii, New York and Missouri and Colorado also offers painter salaries that are more than 10% above the national average.

Experience and Knowledge

The experience in using various types of paints, knowledge related to the compatibility of various types of products, to the work processes involved in painting, such as the preparation of the wall for the painting process, the selection of the best tools to be used for specific projects and to the high-capacity machines used in the process of painting large spaces are important factors that influence how much a painter can earn.

Many companies that offer painter jobs require candidates to fulfil conditions not directly related to the painting process. In most cases, painter candidates need a driver’s license, experience of several years in driving and they are also required to pass a drug test before becoming employed.

The Form of Employment

Working for a small company that provides interior painting services offers lots of flexibility in terms of work hours and variety and they are often willing to employ people who have no or very little experience in the area of interior painting, allowing these people to learn a new trade. However, working for a small company is not among the highest paying forms of employment and in many cases, candidates are required to have their own cars and tools to work with as well.

Large construction companies, on the other hand, have stricter conditions, but they work with largest budgets that allow them to pay their painters more and they also use their own company cars, so employees are not required to use their own vehicles for work. Large companies also pay for overtime and offer several different types of bonuses as well.

The third most common type of employment for painters is self-employment. Painters who operate through their own company usually earn more, but they also have higher expenses, such as insurance and other costs related to running their own company, including taxes, money spent on purchasing, maintaining and repairing work tools and they also have more responsibility. However, self-employed house painters can choose when they work and they can also choose their clients – if they are really good, they can work with clients who require high quality and are willing to pay a lot for the work done well.

House painting is a trade related to the construction industry. Consequently, the boost in construction currently experienced in the Colorado capital increases the demand for house painters, improving the earning potential for a house painter in Denver.